Welcome to the PrimeCraft Premium Store!

Here you will find many different ways to get rewarded for your contribution to our community! Every penny received through this store goes back into supporting the server, weather it be upgrading the hardware the server is running on, acquiring premium licenses for plugins, or whatever else the server may need to continue operating!

-----------------------------------Store Goal Rewards!-----------------------------------

The total goal for each month is $500, but we have a number of sub-goals as well!

Here are all the reward levels:

  •     0% - T0 Drop Party & 2X EXP for 2 Hours
  •   20% - T1 Drop Party & 2X EXP for 4 Hours
  •   40% - T2 Drop Party & 2X EXP for 6 Hours
  •   60% - T2 Drop Party & 3X EXP for 4 Hours
  •   80% - T3 Drop Party & 3X EXP for 6 Hours
  • 100% - T4 Drop Party & 4X EXP for 4 Hours


Keep in mind that at any moment you could lose your items in various circumstances like being raided, PvP, PvE, etc. We can't give you your items back.

Weekly drop parties take place every Sunday at 7PM Eastern on Factions at /spawn.

There are no refunds.

Visit the PrimeCraft Discord or contact us at contact@primecraft.us

We are NOT Mojang or Microsoft, NOT associated with Mojang or Microsoft and NOT supported by Mojang or Microsoft!