Welcome to PrimeCraft!


Primecraft is server with a heavy focus on Factions PvP, as well as PvE content!

You can join us at play.primecraft.us on Java 1.18.1



Our main features include:

  • Factions (Claiming, Griefing, Raiding, PvP)
  • Dungeons (2 dungeons with 3-4 difficulties each)
  • Economy (NPC vendors, Money, Auction House, Lottery)
  • Drop Parties (Free Drop Party Sat & Sun @ 7PM ET)
  • McMMO (Special skills you can level up. Swords, Archery, Woodcutting, etc.)
  • Rare Monsters (Found in the wild, hard to kill, but drop special loot)
  • Monster Arena (Choose 1 mob for each team and make them kill each other!)
  • Kits (Earn better kits with higher playtime ranks)

We also use MythicMobs and MythicCrucible to create some epic and crazy mobs and items.

We pride ourselves on our wonderful, cozy community, but we wouldn't mind if it got a little more crowded.

We also have a discord server! Joins us at http://discord.primecraft.us

Server is located in East Coast US.

Useful tips:

  • /spawn - Brings you to spawn
  • /rtp - Brings you somewhere RANDOM (within RTP range)
  • /back - Returns you to where you were (including where you died)
  • /f help - Gives you a big list of commands you can use to create and expand your own faction!
  • /bal - Gives you your current balance
  • /stats - View the current levels of your McMMO skills, as well as your total power level
  • /ah - Access the auction house to sell and bid on goods
  • /warp shops - Brings you to the shop district, where you can buy and sell goods to NPC vendors!
  • /warp portals - Brings you to the portal room, where you can find the nether portal, dungeon portals, and some other portals which are coming soon™

We do not tolerate hate speech, full list of rules on Discord and in-game.